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Category Archives: time

Several years ago I began to notice that there was something not right about time. As a scientist, I always thought of time as a dimension, much like the three dimensions of space. But unlike space, time seemed to lack a consistence of measurement, a metric. Recent events of the last few days sometimes seemed to have happened a century ago. Events from the distant past were often as fresh and sharp as if they had occurred yesterday.

This sense of time differs from my experience of physical distance in space. The metric is much clearer. It doesn’t matter if I drive from Colorado to San Francisco or walk or fly there by plane. The distance feels the same. I know what lies between Colorado and San Francisco and what it takes to get from here to there and back. Of course, with some effort I can fill in all the events between two points in my lifetime. But I remain unable to explain where the time went (if it went anywhere). Read More »